Premium Handwash

Thoroughly cleaning and restoring automotive exteriors.

At Dearborn Handwash, we believe that your car deserves nothing but the best. That’s why we have perfected the art of the handwash, ensuring that every inch of your vehicle is treated with care and attention to detail.

Our handwash process begins with a thorough first rinse, allowing us to remove any loose dirt and debris from your car’s exterior. Next, our highly trained technicians move on to the deep wheel cleaning, using specialized tools and techniques to ensure that your wheels are free from grime and brake dust.

With your car now prepped and ready, we move on to the foam gun, which evenly sprays a high-quality soap onto your vehicle’s surface. This soap, combined with the gentle touch of our microfiber mitts, ensures that every inch of your car is treated with care and precision.

After the foam has been applied, we give your car a second rinse, using clean, clear water to remove all traces of soap and dirt. From there, we move on to the air drying process, which uses powerful blowers to quickly and efficiently remove excess water from your car’s surface.

To ensure that your car looks its absolute best, we follow up with a meticulous towel drying process, using soft microfiber towels to gently remove any remaining water droplets from your car’s exterior.

But the care and attention to detail doesn’t stop there. Our technicians also take the time to wipe down the door jambs, clean the windows, shine the tires, and wipe down the wheels, leaving your car looking sleek, elegant, and immaculate.

At Dearborn Handwash, we take pride in our handwash process, and we’re confident that you’ll notice the difference. So why settle for anything less than the best? Book your appointment with us today and experience the ultimate in handwash luxury.